Tips For Your Visit

Auld Sweet Olive Bed & Breakfast


Pack Comfortable Shoes: These are a must! Sure, bring along those heels or new dress shoes. But be sure to pack at least one pair of really comfortable, broken-in favorites. Most of our guests end up walking more than they thought they would - there is so much to see!

Pack Layers: A great tip for most trips, this is particularly useful in New Orleans, where the weather can change quickly.

When in doubt

When in doubt, take a cab: Like every city, New Orleans has crime. The best way to avoid it, is to not present an opportunity. If it's late, or if you're going somewhere off the beaten track, grab a cab.

Call Ahead

Hours and days fluctuate in New Orleans - if you have your heart set on a certain restaurant or tour, call ahead.

Pace Yourself

Let the diet go a little: You will likely be walking off a lot of your calories. And...the food here is some of the best in the world. Enjoy it!

Have a blast, but try to avoid waking up your first morning with a massive hangover. Do as New Orleaneans do - slow down a bit and savor. There's more fun where that came from. And there's probably more next door.